Granado Community Villas

515.000 €

Villa 21 for 545.000 €




1074 m² 

Villa 36A for 545.000 €




989 m²

Each villa is developed as a unique and individual project. The planning concept is devised under the premise of a maximum usage of the available space. Airy and generous living areas, open to the landscape that predominates and where it blends in the Mediterranean architecture.
The interior design features and installations are excellent. High standard quality materials, the technology used in the properties will provide a maximum comfort to suit the needs of the discerning owner.
Many of the villas have multipurpose and versatile basements that can be used as a games room, bedrooms, gyms, cellars … etc. The windows are one of the stars of our villas. In order to introduce the most dominant and sunny landscape inside the villas, the perimeter glass in the windows surround the inner and outer space.
Infinity swimming pools create a refreshing and relaxing blue-sky effect in the gardens surrounding each home.